My Fellow Citizens of Chandni Chowk,

I am very pleased to launch and dedicate this portal to the people of my constituency. You have elected me for 5 years and with a great sense of responsibility, I am trying to fulfill the promises made during the elections. This website is another effective medium to interact with you to understand the issues and offer you best suitable timely solutions.

Another purpose of launching this website is to update you with various developments happening in our constituency. You will get to know the latest events, emergency support in terms medical, security, special services for women and senior citizens etc. You will be happy to know that we have a dedicated team that works 24x7 to assist you. And to reach us at any time, you will find many options such as Twitter, Phone/Mobile numbers, email etc. There is provision to share your feedback and suggestions that will strengthen our efforts. I appeal to the people of our constituency to come forward and interact with us. If you have any ‘skill’ or ‘will’ to join our endeavor, write to us.

Chandni Chowk has given us many valuable and beautiful life experiences. It’s our utmost duty to give it back in a great way through collective manner. Taking this idea further, we have defined the core purpose of this website “Aao, Lagaye Chaar Chand” to ever glowing Chandni Chowk of Delhi. It means adding values to the present status. To be precise we aim to enhance INFRASTRUCTURE, SAFETY & SECURITY, EDUCATION SYSTEM and EMERGENCY SUPPORT.

To accomplish this process lets utilize Experience (seniors) + Innovative Power (youth) at its best.

With your support and blessings, I am sure to fulfill your expectations and my duties.s

Thank you.